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mercredi 23 février 2011


For me, these girls represente the arab beauty!!!!  classic and beautiful!!!

Mayssa Moghrabi
UAE actress, Moroccan origen


Halima Boland
Kuwaiti Presenter

Mona Amarcha
Singer (Khaleeji Songs), Moroccan Origen

mardi 22 février 2011

Yoghurt Cake with Chocolate Recipe

This is my simple recipe for a tasty Yoghurt Cake with Chocolate.

What do you need?

  • 4 Eggs
  • 1 Glass (Average size) and half of powdered sugar.
  • 1 small package of vanilla powdered sugar (it's give a real nice taste)
  • 1 glass and half of rapeseed Oil
  • 2 plain yoghurts
  • 1  small package  of baking powder.
  • 2 glass of flour
  • 1 Cake pan
  • 200 g of Black chocolate
  • Butter
  • Cottage cheese

Put your 4 eggs on a big Bowl, add 1 glass and half of powdered sugar + 1 package of vanilla powdered sugar, 2 plain yoghurts, 1 glass and half of rapeseed oil. Then add 2 glass of flour and your package of baking powder.

Important: never add baking powder before add flour, always put your baking powder on the top of your flour. Don't mix before adding all of these ingredients.

When you added all of these ingrediant Mix it well until its become enought good (not too liquid, not too solid). Put your mixture in an oiled (Rapeseed oil) cake pan.

For My Yoghurt cake I used a cute "Rose" cake pan, this is some picture of it, its give so fun to your cake. Try to divide batter evenly in cake pan, to don't get one side more hight than the other side.

Put it in the oven, Leaves it 30 minutes and come to check again it's need more that 30 mn depends of  the kind of oven and warm you put it. when the cake get enought cooked put a knife on it to check if it's enought (if the knife is dry when  you take itout of your cake it's mean it's enought). Try to be careful when you take out the cake of the Cake pan be patient, even with oiled cake pan sometimes it's hard to remove the cake from it, and be careful the cake pan can be warm!!!!

Congraduations! you just finish the first part of your yoghurt cake Recipe! and Miam Miam this is the result:
You can eat your cake like this or do the second part and add chocolate!!!

Cut your 200g of black chocolate and put it on your pan add two spoon of butter, start to mix when It's on the fire and add some cottage cheese to don't let's your chocolate burn, mix slowly until it's enought judge and add with your eyes.
Then add the chocolate sauce between the petals of this Rose cake.

Your chocolate sauce: 

If you really enjoy black chocolate cake put some solid chocolate pieces on your cake when it's liquid, and when you put it on the cake pan!!!!

This is with chocolate: 

I hope you enjoyed this recipe and if you have questions feel free to ask, 
Bon appétit!!!!! 

vendredi 18 février 2011


Amazing k5aleeji make up, with tips, can give you some ideas...


I love this show!!! I always watch it on MBC, I like the way she put make up and give them a new look, We all love Joelle!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sweet Products for your Bathroom

This is a selection of some sweet products for the bathroom, can be used for washing yourself or just to make ur bathroom beautiful!! I really enjoy these products and always surprise my friends with it!!


I love these two kind of towels, it's really look amazing, and look like real cake looool once my friend when my friend was pregnant she saw it and in the first look she thinks it was a real cake loooooooool

Apricot and custard Pie Soap
Strawberry Pie Soap, My favorite one!!!! on food and soap looooooooool

Grapes Cake Soap, I love the way this one look, by the way these soap are without Paraben which is very good for the skin, it's hand made. I love to use them or just use it as decoration on my bathroom. 
Love cake, This is also my favorite it's looks nice and smell nice as well 

I love to use salt from death sea or with some flavours. Salt is very nice for pedicure, or relaxation and it's really make you have a soft skin, it's a natural way to be beautiful.
I love this sweet bottles of perfumed salt, you can find a lot of flavour like apple, cherry... It's really amazing and smell great.


I love Loofah for rubing out my skin with some naturals products, like Black Moroccan Soap etc. Loofah is natural, Its come from  a dry vegetable.
This Loofah is funny because it's have the shape of an heart.


Peach Soap with some real pieces of peach inside it

Ocean Soap

My favorite one.... miam miam hhhhhh


Chocolate shower Gel, the one Im using it's really nice and teh smell is amazing like real chocolate. Make you have a very relaxing moment.


One of my favorite products, can say on my top 5, It's Bubble bath with Mallow smell. 


I'm not a big fan of this product, I use it in my bathroom just to complete the design but I don't use it when Im having a bath.


Bubbling Cup Cake: when you put it in your bath and the cup cake is finish you will find some essensial oil also in your bath,  Cu cake is definetly my favorite bubbling product.

Cherry Bubbling Balls, I love Cherry and Patchouli Balls.

You can enjoy White musc, Wodded Musc, Rose, White chocolate Flavours, in some you can find some Spangles or Rose's Petals.

So cute!!!! It's can be an original gift for your friends.


 This is some perfumes floating candles, I find that so cute, but be careful do not burn ur hair or skin with it loooooooool no need to put it on your bath heheheh.

samedi 5 février 2011


This is some differents kinds of arabic make up: k5aleeji, and Lebanese. For parties or day wear... I love smokey eyes and bronze make up!!! Its nice to look different, soemtimes natural, sophisticated with a great tan and nice smokey eyes for example...

I love them all except the last one, will not suits me