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samedi 5 février 2011


I love to have Manucure and Pedicure, sometimes I like to have only French manicure which is simple and go with any clothings, sometimes I just do the manucure and change the color of my nails, according to my mood, clothes and accessoires. Sometimes I like to have some fun on my nails, like having a butterfly on it, some jewels, or strass. About my toes, I mostly enjoy only french Pedicure.

Here my selection of great nail's Look and strange one too. Enjoy it!

French Manicure: I do it most of the time its really make the hands look beautiful when the nails are long, the color is natural, and fit with any kind of clothing style. The nails can be long or short. I like even to add sometimes some white swaroski strass on my small nail as fun.

Japanese Nail art: I find that extremely horrible looool I don't knwo who can wear that. Myself, I can't, even the flowers and butterflies are uglies, I dont enjoy such colors, sorry for people who like it loool

Jewels 's Nails: I totally love that I find it cute, easy to wear and stylishhhhhh, You can stick them but its better for more security to wear them behind the gel.

Nail Art 3D: Depend on who, when, and how looooool The pearl is ugly but I would like to try Beige manucure with the second 3D flower on my 4th finger, it's can be cute, what do you thinks???

Glow on the dark: looool Actually I have a pink and orange looooool  I Just find that original, and a good way to surprise!!!!

3D Butterfly: So cute on light nail's colors!!!!!!!!
Nail ART: I'm not a big fan of fruits on nails looooool strange!
French pedicure: Definetly My style!!!!!

Colors: I love all kind of colors, flashy, nude and dark, depends of what Im wearing. I also love black on short nails.

Do not hesitate to share about these design and which type of nail decoration, shape do u prefer!!

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